The Best Beauty Sites

It is no secret that fashion brands worldwide have embraced technology, from Burberry allowing you to buy pieces straight off the catwalk, to Ralph Lauren’s digital shop windows, or even the magical world of Hermes, which proves as the best of distractions.

Fortunately, beauty hasn’t been forgotten and many brands have sites dedicated solely to the art of perfection.

BLUSH hunted down the glossiest sites in beauty, here are my favourites.

YSL-The Ultimate Experience

A recent Webby award winner, YSL’s site allows you to shop online, create your own looks and watch videos of Artistic Director Lloyd Simmonds at work. Explore YSL is without doubt the most visually exciting and advanced beauty site today.

Explore at:  YSL Experience


Dior’s beauty website, allows you to fully explore all aspects of the beauty emporium. 
In ‘Fragrance’- find tips on how to pick the perfect female and male fragrances, whilst the ‘Make-up’ page has features on choosing the right foundation and effectively offers a behind-the-scenes look at backstage beauty, with image galleries and application videos.
Visit: Dior

Dolce & Gabbana Beauty

Dolce & Gabbana have benefited from their long-time collaboration with make-up artist Pat McGrath, creating covetable collections and premium packaging. Much like their muses Scarlett Johanssen and Monica Belluci their powder cases and lipsticks effortlessly evoke golden-age glamour. Though the site focuses on shopping, it provides inspiration and insight into the colours picked and the creative process, as well as tips on application from McGrath herself.
Jamila xx


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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