Popping Up

Anyone who’s ever been to a festival knows that looking like a shadow of your former self by the end of it is a given. 
 However as my recent trip to Hackney Weekend proved, when I walked past an Ostrich food tent-‘as seen on the f word’, festivals are a bit more sophisticated these days- the Hay anyone?
So I suppose it is was only a matter of time before festivals started to pop-up at luxury shopping destinations.
From now until Monday 23rd July, the Urban Retreat at Harrods- Harrods’ 22,000ft beauty haven, will be transformed into a French pastoral paradise, in honour of French beauty brand Caudalie.
 Caudalie, who I serendipitously discovered in Paris a few years ago, are renowned for their vine and grape-infused moisturisers and treatment.
Five of Caudalie’s signature treatments, including: the Vinoperfect Radiance Facial-  a complexion correcting, 60 minute treatment to restore radiance and vitality, the Pulp Vitaminee Anti-oxidant Facial, the Express D-Vine Facial– a 30 minute treatment for an instant glow, and the delectable sounding Crushed Cabernet Massage– a firming and enlivening body massage. 
Prices range from £50-£95 for single treatments, and provide the perfect resort experience this side of the channel.
For more information contact Liz Hotchin on 0207 843 9025 or visit: www.urbanretreat.co.uk/harrods.

Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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