Tried & Tested: Magnetic Nail Varnish

I was recently sent some magnetic nail varnish by the lovely people at Harrods Urban Retreat
The nail varnish in question was Changing lilac by Layla. 
As I’ve never tried magnetic nail varnish,  my flatmates and I decided to have a painting session.
 The process is pretty painless- first you paint and then hold the magnet above the nail for 5 seconds, as the magnet draws at the hidden pattern underneath. 
We all tried with one nail and the result was a lot of screaming. 
The magnetic nail varnish is definitely a novelty treat and is really fun to do with friends. The colour and pattern together created a lilac marble effect which didn’t look great on me but looked amazing on my friend.

It’s a really fun and easy way to jazz up your nails and really looks like you’ve spent ages perfecting the pattern. I will definitely be buying more but try and make sure that the pattern and colour are a good match.
Here is what the rest of the high street has to offer.

Nails Inc. Trafalgar Square Magnetic Polish

Priced £13, available to buy online at Nails.Inc.

Barry M, Magnetic Nail Varnish in Violet

An absolute bargain at £4.99, available at Superdrug, Topshop and online at Boots.

17 Magnetized Nail Polish

At £5.99 Boots own brand is slightly pricier than Barry M, but the colours are a bit milder and more sparkly despite there only being one pattern. Recommended by Look magazine, it is available to buy online at Boots

Layla Magneffect, priced £11, is available to buy from Urban Retreat at Harrods or online.
 Though a bit pricier than Barry M, Layla was fast drying and hasn’t chipped once.
Jamila xx


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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