Most Wanted: YSL Rouge pur Couture Glossy Lip Stain

Gloss as you know it is dead; gone are the days of sticky lips and stickier cheeks.
 For a while gloss fell victim to the smooth and matte allure of lipstick, as women the world over hung up their juicy tubes, around the same time they discarded their monogrammed handbags- gloss just seemed to flashy, too shiny, too gauche.
So who better than the brand who re-interpreted and lauded the gauche, than YSL. 
YSL’s Rouge pur Couture Lip Stain, aims to bridge the tricky gap between a stain and gloss, by combining the two. 
Using water-soluble pigments, and a specially devised spatula, the result is a non-sticky, high-shine gloss that lasts as long as a stain.
Available in 18 shades from plum to pink, and priced at £22.50, the beautiful packaging is worth the money.
Available at Selfridges.
Jamila xx


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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