Novel lines

Any BLUSH reader knows that eyeliner is going to be major this Autumn, and though at Prada we’ve seen the panda eyes and at Lanvin, the mega wing; There are so many options when it comes to eyeliner and’s recent beauty shoot is testament to that.
These are by far my favourite looks. The ‘floating triangle’- the isolated triangle imitating the classic flick is such a fresh take on the trend (all you need is to draw an outline and fill in), as is the neon pink eyeliner flick. 
Created by Pat McGrath on the catwalk, the Makeup For Ever pink eyeliner was topped with MAC pigment in Fuchsia, which was later used on black mascara to ensure a consistent neon throughout the lashes. 
MAC pigments are great, available in 22 shades from teal to violet, can be used as eyeshadow and at £16.50 are a great way to liven things up.
The Cleopatra inspired look featured below is very Elizabeth Taylor. 
Eyes are rimmed as normal but then following the line of the nose bridge, felt-tip eyeliner is drawn at an angle of 90 degrees and flicked up at the end. 
The look gives eyes the same impact as eyeshadow, and is more dramatic without the drama of blending.
Jamila xx
Shot by Willow Mayer for


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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