BLUSH’s Top 5 Lotions & Potions

The faithful BLUSH followers out there may have noticed that I have been m.i.a for a while, and though I have enjoyed my little holiday, I have been keeping up-to-date testing products and treatments.

As Summer draws to a close and our skin takes an inevitable turn for the worse, it’s time to start investing in products that really perform. From luxurious lotions to silky serums, look no further.

1. The Face Cream- Petit Gris

When I was told about Petit Gris’ Regenerating Cream Gel face cream, containing snail secretion I just had to try it. Apparently snail secretion has long been considered to have regenerating and healing effects on human skin, due to its high levels of allantoin, collagen and glycol acid.

Also containing Vitamin E and Provitamin B5, Petit Gris is really the best face cream I’ve ever tried. Suitable for normal/combination skin, but no doubt also dry, the weighty cream feels weightless upon application and really transforms the complexion. 

I’ve had a pretty heavy couple of weeks, and every time I apply, my skin feels supple and glows. Priced at £39 and available at Harrods, it’s a fifth of the price of Creme de la Mer and is truly just as good.

          2. The Complexion Transformer- Trish McEvoy

I was recently sent this foundation, but unfortunately in the wrong shade, so I asked my friend Isobel to try it. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me saying but she’s a die-hard fan of high-street brands Rimmel and Maybelline. I’ve long tried to convince her that over the counter is the only way to go and so this was the perfect opportunity.
 As she is occasionally prone to breakouts, Trish McEvoy’s Treatment Foundation was a god-send.

Comprising dual-action peptides, green tea, and antioxidants  the foundation hopes to deliver firmer and renewed skin. Having seen the results for myself, Isobel’s skin looks like perfection-it’s dewy, supple looking, even; and in her own words; “it gave me an unexpected flawless finish, I’m still not sure I’d spend £48 but there is a huge difference which can’t be denied.”

Available at Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. Priced £48.

                 3. The Ideal Gift- Estelle & Thild

As my birthday approaches, I’m perhaps selfishly in gift mode.
Scandinavian brand Estelle & Thild, is fairly new to the UK but much like Caudalie in France or Cover Girl in the States, has a loyal national following.

The product selection is huge: The Fragrance Free series is perfect for sensitive skin, The Neroli, for normal/combination skin, Rose Otto for Anti-ageing and The Baby & Child, well for babies and children.

The packaging is Cath Kidston-cute, and is bathroom cabinet friendly. All of their products are Eco-organic and made of natural ingredients. 

I tried the Neroli Bergamot Ecorganic Body Oil, which not only smells amazing but sinks in super fast. Though I’m not a fan of using anti-ageing products on young skin I also tried the Rose Otto eye cream and face serum. The face serum is great and comes with a pump so you don’t end up with a greasy face. 

Estelle & Thild claims to be Scandinavia’s best-kept secret, so to all of the Scandinavians out there, I’m sorry!

Available to buy at Harrods, from £18.50  

4. The Body Lotion- Connock London


Already a Vogue favourite, Connock London’s Kukui Oil Hydrating Body Lotion is divine. 

As I am prone to dry skin I tend to use thick creams, and if I’m feeling flush the Body Shop’s Body Butter (which is great), so when the time came to try a lotion I was beyond sceptical. 

The cream comes in a conical clear bottle with a pump so you can see how much you’ve used- which is as handy as it is upsetting.

The main ingredient Kukui oil is renowned for it’s skin-conditioning properties, promoting skin suppleness and elasticity. Also comprising Shea butter and macadamia oil the lotion plumps, smoothes and evens skin.

Connock’s hydrating lotion glides on and melts into the skin, and leaves my skin feeling soft, silky and most importantly, hydrated.

The non-greasy formula is another plus, and I have to say I look forward to pumping it out every morning. I’m not sure I am a convert to lotion, but I’ve definitely converted to this.

Priced £32.70 and available at Harrods.

                   5. The Exfoliator- Body shop 

There really is no point slathering great creams and lotions on to dead skin, so it was vital to feature an exfoliator on this hotlist.  
It is a terrible idea to use an exfoliator daily as it strips away your skin’s natural layer, but it really is important to exfoliate once or twice a week.

I know that sometimes people try to avoid exfoliator to maintain a tan or if they’ve had a bad experience but there are so many that there really is no excuse.

The Body Shop’s Vitamin E exfoliator is my favourite (as it is moisturising) but the nation’s is the Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator.

The best-seller is a bargain at £8 and is a refreshing deep-cleanser, that removes oil and smells like the beach.

Avaialble at The Body Shop.


Jamila xx


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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