It’s my favourite time of year and although Halloween isn’t until Wednesday, the parties will undoubtedly start tomorrow, so don’t just get a devil horn, take inspiration from my favourite icons. 


Channel retro Catwoman with big hair, big lashes and big eyes.


Wednesday Addams

Christina Ricci’s Wednesday is the original and the best.
 Pigtails, a pale complexion and an air of indifference is all you need.
Black Swan
The make-up alone is reason enough to try the black swan.
 Draw an outline and fill-in as you please, then team with red lips and a tiara.

                                                        Cruela De Vil

I prefer the Disney Cruela to Glenn Clos’e madwoman. The original Cruela is actually surprisingly chic- red lips, jewels and fur darling!
Pam- True Blood


Jessica-True Blood
The True Blood Vampires are the most topical. Go for a velvet choker, blood tears, red lipstick, fangs, and some pleather if you’re feeling bold.
Frankenstein’s Bride
Props to Kate Beckinsale for not going as a sex-pot, and going all Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, as Frankenstein’s Bride.
Kate Moss
Kate Moss doesn’t necessarily have to go as anything, because she’s Kate Moss, so if you’re unsure of what to do, go for smokey eyes and lots of sheer lace; I’ve tried it before and it definitely does the job.
Happy Halloween!!
Jamila xx



Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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