Testing the Treatment- Hot Wax- North London

I think the turning point in every woman’s life is most definitely their first wax. Ok, so your first period,  along with your first pube, may come first and slightly trump a wax as a moment in which you realise you’re no longer a girl. 
The difference lies in the fact that a wax is a choice, it’s something you decide to do, for your first adult holiday, or have first fallen in love and realise that, though your boyfriend may love a bit of Eve, he would much rather bone a tidy bush. And so, in spite of the horror stories, and the inevitable ingrown hairs, you spend your first £40 on this luxury that once embarked on, will from then on only be deemed a necessity, by you, and said spouse.
I had my first wax a good few years ago now, so I feel I am quite the veteran, but despite the thirst for experimentation inherent in every beauty writer, I have never veered from the strip wax, so it was only right that for BLUSH, my hot wax virginity was plucked.
Gary Ingham Spa

Quite aware that I was massively letting the side down, I marched myself up the hill to the Gary Ingham Spa.  Gary Ingham is a boutique salon and spa in Hampstead, handily situated opposite the tube.  After receiving the warmest of welcomes, I was ushered upstairs into the lobby, where, surrounded by rushes and mahogany, I was instantly whisked back to the Banyan Tree in Thailand. 

My beauty therapist called me in before I could even make the contents page of InStyle, which made a refreshing change from other spas where you can tell the big spenders are seen first. As I was left to change to the sound of whales and the scent of fragrant candles, I was actually excited. In the hands of undoubtedly the most well-groomed and coiffed beautician I have ever met, as I prepared myself for half an hour of discomfort, my only hope was that I would emerge half as polished as my practitioner.

For those of you who are yet to try the hot wax, I couldn’t recommend it more highly. As opposed to a strip wax, the wax- usually in candy colours of pink or blue (perhaps to offer the illusion of looming fun times) is slathered on and left to dry. Once hard the wax can be pulled off with relatively little discomfort.

With each strip, I awaited the tears, the overheating or, simply, the mental strength oft needed to stay and continue to be mercilessly stripped; but alas, it never came. 
Instead, I found myself murmuring in surprise at the absence of pain and perhaps overstating my praise. 

In search of some advice on maintenance, I enquired as to the best methods for upkeep and to avoiding those pesky in-growns. I was instructed to exfoliate, moisturise and never ever revert back to shaving despite the mid-month urge. 

I have to say that the wax at The Gary Ingham Spa was undoubtedly the most enjoyable, thorough and least painful wax I have ever had, and I urge you all when you’re next in the Hamp to book an appointment, you won’t be disappointed!

Brazilian Hot wax from £42, Gary Ingham Spa,
 63-67 Heath St, Hampstead, London, NW3
T:020 7431 0777 E: info@garyingham.com
 Mon–Wed: 10am–7.30pm | Thu–Fri: 10am–8.30pm | Sat: 9am–6.30pm | Sun: 11am–6pm
Tweet: @GaryInghamHair 

Highly Commended- Secret Paradise Day Spa
Launched by the lovely Nadia Arain, the Secret Paradise Spa, is a North London gem. It’s only problem is that it is slightly out of the way for most, not that the Hendon residents are complaining.
The Secret Paradise Spa was where I had my first ever hot wax and though it wasn’t as pain-free as my most recent wax, it was the deciding factor in my conversion.
Once I’d arrived at SPS, Nadia talked me through the spa’s history, their treatments- including gold leaf and caviar facials, then tried to ascertain my needs- which was a lovely personal touch. After I was settled, I met my beautician, who was such a cool girl and divulged stories of waxing friends and why she felt the hot wax was the future. Her speed made up for any discomfort, as I was in and out within 30 minutes (which is perhaps preferable) and at £25 for a Hollywood, one can’t complain.
Hollywood wax, £25, Secret Paradise Day Spa
83 Church Rd, Hendon, NW4 4DP
T: 0208 201 6897
Both were great experiences and I am officially now Team Hot Wax.
Jamila xx

Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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