Xiao is the time for big hair.

With last season’s penchant for blunt bobs and sleek buns, an uprising was always inevitable; it was only a matter of time before we needed to let it all hang out for a while and let go.
 Like those days where you don’t want anything on your face, there inevitably comes a point at which you take heed to your hair’s unruliness and put down the straighteners.  
 Kate Moss sported breast length (yes that’s the dream) fuzzy locks on four covers of this season’s I-D thanks to hairstylist Luigi Murenu. Whilst next season, if Diane Von Furstenburg’s A/W13 show is anything to go by, we’ll be hankering after super-sized seventies hair.
Nichoals Jurnjack, who styled Chinese model Xiao Wen Ju- one of my favourite faces- for Vogue China’s March ’13 issue, defied her natural poker-straight tresses, with a distressed mega-wave. 
 To avoid tranny-territory (obviously unless that’s your thing) it seems the consensus is to keep the face soft.  Make-up artist, Mariel Barrera paired groomed brows and an extended eyeliner wing with a soft vermillion lip to balance Xiao’s porcelain complexion.
The key to achieving the look is to use a big-barrelled tong and gently brush curls with a paddle brush, to achieve the soft and undefined ‘fuzzy’ look. 
Jurnjack kept the look modern with a sleek scraped-back top, whilst Murenu opted for a a parted, but also smooth crown; both a far cry away, from the unfathomably perfect LA wave.
As our beautifully crafted, and much-trimmed bobs begin to grow out, it seems the time is now to shake-out what your mother gave ya.
Jamila x

Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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