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Australia are having a bit of a skincare moment right now. Thanks to their skills in managing to maintain dewy skin and beachy hair, in spite of the sweltering heat and salt water, it was only a matter of time, before they taught us a thing or two in defying the weather.
Started on a farm in Southern Australia, by Dr Jeurgen Klein and his wife, Jurlique is  Australia’s leading skincare brand. Thanks to their special Bio-Intrinsic formula, all Jurlique products boast 95% natural ingredients of herbs and flowers, specially selected to work in harmony with your skin. 
My favourites are the best-selling Herbal Recovery Gel– an antioxidant serum enriched with plant oils and powerful botanicals including Gingko and Ginseng, to increase skin elasticity, hydration, radiance and clarity. I can attest to its charm, as I use it before my moisturiser day and night, and it leaves my skin feeling toned, soft and glowing.
The Lavender Hydrating Mist is another winner, which can be used anytime of day for an extra moisture boost, and thanks to its lavender and marshmallow ingredients leaves the skin feeling supple and calm. The Jasmine Hand Cream is a luxurious cream made from jasmine, marshmallow and chamomile, deeply moisturising hands and leaving them fragrant all day- it’s easily the best hand-cream I’ve tried but the scent is pretty potent so I wouldn’t wear it at the same time as another strong scent, such as the Love Balm
Jurlique’s rose-scented lip Love Balm is a multi-tasking life saver that is a hand-bag must. Made with vitamin-E, olive-oil and rose oil, it not only works wonders on chapped lips, but can be used on elbows, cuticles, hands and even the nose.
Available at John Lewis and FeelUnique; Prices range from £9 for the love balm to £40.50 for the Herbal Recovery gel.
Australian Bodycare
Australian Bodycare’s Tea-Tree Oil Skin Wash, part of their professional Beauty Salon range, is an antiseptic and non-drying wash infused with Tea-tree oil to tackle spot-causing bacteria. 
Perfect for those with blemish-prone skin, the skin wash deeply cleanses and kills bacteria to restore the skin’s natural PH balance. As someone who is blessed with a clear complexion everywhere but my back this skin wash has been a life-saver. I’ve been using it everyday since Christmas and the difference has been remarkable. My back is pre-teen clear again, just in time for summer; backless dresses here I come.
Available to buy at all good pharmacies,  and, £10.65.
So you’ve cleansed, you’ve moisturised and you’re treating your body like the temple it is, but it’s not summer yet and you can’t seem to shake of the scars. 
Bio-oil is by no means a new find, but like most oldies, it’s a goody. It has won 85 awards all over the world for its ability to eliminate stretch marks, scars and uneven skin.  The special formula which includes PurCellin Oil, means bio-oil’s ingredients of Vitamins A &E, lavender oil and chamomile oil are easily absorbed and non-greasy. My mum swore by it when she was pregnant with me; I use it as a skin-tone-evening face oil, and will probably be using it as an anti-ageing saviour when the time comes. Use it in the bath, as a body oil or a face oil. Once you’ve gone bio, you’ll never go back.
Available at Superdrug and all good pharmacies, £5.99 for 60ml.


Founded by best friends Elena and Mirella,to tackle Elena’s problem skin, Selexir’s Peace Balm is the product everyone is gushing about. 
Formualted in Switzerland, Selexir is an intensive balm for the treatment of dry skin, eczema, excessive sun exposure, irritated skin and a pampering treatment to be used in extreme weather conditions and in-flight. 
Consisting of 21 highly concentrated natural ingredients including a Serenity Seed Complex made from black currants and black cumin, means that a smidgen goes a long way. 
I use it on the many pesky dry patches our lovely British winter seems to breed, and its compact size means I can whip it out whenever necessary. A firm favourite in the Harrods beauty office, it seems the secret’s finally out.
Available at Harrods Urban Retreat, priced £39 for 30ml, £99 for 75ml.
Jamila xx

Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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