Something for the weekend – Eyeko

The general laws of make-up decree that one should always decide between lips and eyes as the focus. 
Although this is a rule I often like to break, there is no denying that a bare face and red lip, or dark eye and nude lip combo is more striking.
 Eyeko, established in 1999 (vintage for the young-ones among us!) honours that rule by being created ‘for your eyes only’, and it is a rule that seems to be working wonders for them.
Eyeko is the brainchild of  Nina Leykind, who helped found Nylon Magazine, and her husband Max, and since their debut eye cream received a rave review from Kylie Minogue, they now list make-up artist Lisa Eldridge, Jennifer Lawrence and Salma Hayek among their many fans.
As the weekend has officially started I will be looking to Peter Dundas’ Autumn/Winter ’13 Emilio Pucci show for my beauty inspiration.
As always Dundas’ show was a star-studded affair on and off the runway, with superstar models strutting in fuzzy pastel furs, printed minis, suede boots and heavy fringes in tribute to the women behind the boys in bands.
A full-on ode to the seventies, it was the beauty that stole the show, with fluttery false lashes, a pencil thin swipe of eyeliner, lashings of mascara and buttery soft nude lips.
The eyes had it for this collection, so it seemed only fitting to feature a brand that believe it’s all about the eyes.
Eyeko’s eyelash curler is the first I’ve tried, mainly because it looked too good not to. 
I’ve been scared of curlers since a schoolfriend accidentally ripped her eyelashes out, but the navy velvet handles with matching silicone pad were hard to resist.
Eyelash curlers are a must for attaining a wide-eyed (or even just awake) look, which when applied before, gives mascara that extra lift.
Eyeko’s curlers come with ergonomic handles ensuring the right amount of pressure is applied to lashes, as well as 2 extra silicone rubber pads. 
They were my first, and considering the bambi-esque result, will probably be my last.
Eyeko Eyelash Curlers, £12, Available at or Harvey Nichols.
If false lashes aren’t really your thing or you’re looking for a new mascara fit for all occasions, Eyeko’s Mascara Wardrobe is your new saviour.
The 3-in-1 mascara comes with interchangeable brushes, depending on whether you want definition, volume or curl.
The Define mascara comes packaged in the metallic squeezy tube, whilst Voulme and Curl have their own containers so you can swap and change as you please.
The eyelash-friendly formula is infused with keratin, shea butter and pro-vitamin which not only nourish lashes, but provide the desired thick, jet black finish.
One coat of the paraben-free formula is great for every day, whilst a coat of define and then one of volume will give you the Pucci look.
Eyeko, Mascara Wardrobe, £21; Available to buy at or Sephora.
Clearly lovers of the rule of threes, Eyeko have also created a trio of travel-sized eyeliners. 
Coming in electric blue, chocolate brown and jet black, the felt-tip pen style eyeliners have an extra fine nib to ensure precise application.
I tend to use the brown on days when I want to look a little less done, but the all three are ideal for day or night. 
Long-lasting and smudge-proof these eyeliners are almost perfect, my only problem was that one of my nibs got lost in the lid. Luckily I had two more so I could swap around. 
Not only does it make a great gift if there’s one colour you know you wot use,  but if you’re feeling greedy (like me) they’re perfect for those who like to mix it up.
Eyeko, Line & Define Trio, £18. Available at Eyeko or SpaceNK

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