It’s Bank Holiday Weekend – Time to get buff

It’s Bank Holiday Weekend and the sunshine is here, so it’s time to bare those feet and get buffed. The options are endless but here are a few of my new favourites.

Soap and Glory Whipped Clean Shower Butter

The ultimate in luxurious showering, Soap and Glory’s Whipped Clean Shower Butter marries the moisturising oils of their Body Butters with the cleansing properties of a shower gel. 

Comprising Almond oil, Grapeseed oil, Macadamia nut oil and cocoa and shea butter, the shower butter not only leaves your skin feeling nourished but your bathroom smelling of almonds and vanilla.

It’s one of those products that makes you dread reaching the end, in fear of returning to a standard shower gel. Perfect for summer, and especially the winter/spring crossover, this shower butter is a dream, if you need to just wash and go. 

Available to buy at:, £8 for 250ml.

L’Occitane Amande Shaping Delight

L’Occitane was the first french brand I discovered, and as a 16-year-old beauty enthusiast I always felt like a cosmopolitan skin guru, with their shower gel sitting atop my bath.

L’Occitane’s newest range Amande, is a range of Almond based products, the perfect compliment to the Soap & Glory shower gel.

The Creme Allegre ‘shaping delight’ is literally the best cream ever. Truly. It isn’t as thick as a body butter so if your skin is very dry you may have to reapply, but it is worth every pound.

Coming in an embossed glass jar, which like every L’Occitane product is pretty enough to justify the price, it’s consistency is akin to a gel cream. Its mint green colour for some reason just feels summery, but it’s not just about looks with this baby, it really works. 
I used the cream for a month and my skin was as firm as it would have been after a gym session. 
It’s a great shortcut for those who’d rather spend their summer frolicking in the sun;  my body product of the year so far.

Available at L’Occitane, priced £32 for 200ml.

The Body Shop Foot File Spoon

The Body Shop has always been my go-to body brand. The Body Butters are the best, as are their shower buffers. 

The Body Shop’s Foot File Spoon is the Apple of Foot Files. The rounded spoon shape ensures that you follow the shape of your feet and can get to the hard-to-reach areas. It’s plastic with a long handle, so beats the pumistone, and is double-sided enabling you to be gentle on more delicate areas. 

As effective as it is cute.

Available to buy at The Body Shop, £6.

Body Shop Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub

Ok so I’m having a bit of a Body Shop moment, but nothing beats a peppermint foot scrub, and the Body Shop’s is not only reasonable but big enough to last a good couple of months.

The volcanic rock granules, are highly exfoliating, and the peppermint leaves skin feeling tingly and super soft.
Available at The Body Shop, £7.

L’Occitane Amande Foot Cream

Another winner from the Amande range, L’Occitane’s Almond Foot Care like their Shaping Delight consists of Almond Oil and Almond Milk, as well as peppermint and shea butter.

This little dream left my feet feeling hydrated all day, smelling minty fresh, and the non-stick formula means you’re not waiting around for it to be absorbed.   

All of these products perfectly compliment each other in terms of fragrance, but are quick and easy solutions to Summer’s imminence. 

Happy scrubbing!

Jamila xx

The Body Shop

Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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