Leighton Denny’s Miracle Nail Varnish Reviver

Old nail varnishes are much like an old flame. You see them from across the room, or they’re recommended by a friend and the attraction is instant. You begin to imagine how much fun can be had. Ooh the places you could go, the things you could see; life is suddenly full of possibilities. You show them off at friends’ parties and gush about them to work colleagues  at the water cooler. Yet suddenly things become a little stale, your attention is being beckoned by another, another that is nothing like yours. A sparkly shiny, perhaps brighter new love. So you decide to have a brief flirtation with this hot new kid on the block, with the sincerest intention of returning to your first. When things with the new love inevitably get a bit samey, you decide it’s time to go back to your first. Now however,  perhaps broken-hearted or just bored of waiting, he is a shadow of his former self and there is nothing you can do to reignite the flame.

Having tried a drop of nail varnish remover, or leaving him in the fridge over night, you give up the fight and he is relinquished to the shelf alongside the other old flames.

The number of old nail varnishes that I have lost in this way is a travesty; mod-evoking bright yellow varnishes and classic reds, now just sit on my shelf crying out to be loved, but their gloopiness is just irreversible.

Luckily Leighton Denny have riden to the rescue with their As Good As New old nail polish reviver.
The miracle formula restores old nail varnishes to their original state with just a few drops with the handy pipette.

At £9 it is the perfect way to save some cash and see how things work out a second time around, with that old love.

Leighton Denny, As Good As New, available at Urban Retreat. £9.
Jamila xx
Cult Beauty Ltd.

Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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