Loving… Lilac Nails

The sun may have gone into hiding temporarily but I remain resolved that summer has begun. 
Over the next few weeks, Blush will be getting you ready for summer, whether testing spa-spun body scrubs and urban-friendly oils, or recommending the best places to get a mani-pedi or wax, no stone shall be left unturned; or indeed no body part unwaxed. But it’s best to start slowly and ease yourself into action. So legs have been shaved- that’s a start, but I feel the best way to begin feeling summery is with a mood-boosting nail.
Summer is all about feeling free and having a good time.
 After months of classic reds and moody merlots, it’s time to lighten up, and what better way to do that with a little lilac.
After the success of the Andy Warhol collection, Nars have collaborated with legendary designer Pierre Hardy, to create a collection of nail duos inspired by his Spring/Summer ’13 shoe collection. The high-impact and unlikely colour combinations are undoubtedly as futuristic as Hardy had imagined things would be as a champion of the futuristic, in the ultra-modern sixties.  My favourite combination by far, shark, is a mellow yet striking combination of lavender and lemon, the colours can be swapped around, used for toes, hands or both, allowing you to have fun with colours that actually work together. 
Packaged in a slick, white shoe-box, fit with Pierre Hardy for Nars dust-bag, these two are truly the ultimate package.
 Pierre Hardy for Nars Nail Duo, Shark, £22.
 Available at SpaceNk.
Ciate have won over lovers of nail art everywhere, since the recent launch of their chalkboard manicure.  
And though everyone loves to experiment with gimmicks like leather or snakeskin nails,  sometimes you can’t beat a sweep of something simple.
 One of the things I love most about the brand, is their packaging and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a nail varnish that looks this cute.  It’s sugary finish holds the power to make you feel angelic no matter what you’re up to.
Ciate, Sugar Plum Paint Pot, £9. Available at Selfridges.
Seche‘s top coat, Seche Vite, is a cult classic regarded amongst beauty lovers and professionals, as the world’s finest. 
Now the brand have expanded into colour. Each polish is rich in pigment and created with the fast-drying technology of the award-winning Seche Vite, meaning only one coat is required, I topped mine off with the Seche Vite and my nails didn’t chip for a week; which is a miracle seeing as they usually chip before I leave the house.
Seche, Powder Lavender Creme, priced £9.95. Available at Selfridges.
Lead picture: Givenchy 
Not only does Givenchy’s new nail varnish come in a fragrance-worthy bottle, but it boasts an updated one-coat formula and broad new brush, which covers the entire nail upon application and leaves nails as glossy as the french ingenue it was intended for.
Givenchy, Le Vernis, Croisiere Purple, No.12
Available at Harrods, priced £15.
Jamila xx
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