Get your head in the game – It’s festival season

The sun is out once again, and no doubt it’s got you itching to hit the fields and the many festivals you’ve bought tickets for.
Festivals have long been a staple of British summer, so much so that Croatia, Barcelona and Miami, have all had a cack.
Yet with great power comes great sartorial responsibility and though Kate Moss has set the hotpant/welly standard, there is still so much fun to be had.
Gone are the days when you can stick on the same daisy chain for three days (although you still can’t fault a floral headband); from flat caps and plaits, to bandanas and bucket hats, festival season is the time to let go, have fun and show a bit of personality.   


Revived. The Scrunchie

The Scrunchie has been staging a steady comeback and I’m all for it. Ashish championed the nineties classic as a way to revive the top bun, although it also looks great at the end of a plait.


Scrunchies in an array of colours,  £5, at American Apparel


Scrunchie Market, Prices range from £3.50-£5, Available at ASOSMarketplace


Leopard Print  or Metallic Scrunchies, 2 for £6. Available at Urban Outfitters



Hairband naturally evoke schoolgirl memories and connotations, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. When you’re up to no good in the portaloos it’s nice to get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror looking sweet; a winner for that alone.
Mega Triangular Spike Headband, Topshop, £15.


Floral Net Garland, £20, Topshop.


Rock & Rose, Ophelia Oversized Floral Headband, £42, Asos
Wear a Metallic Aliceband backward as seen at Balenciaga


Pack of 3 Metallic Hairbands, £2.39, Available at Mia’s Accessories


Floral Alice band, £2.50, GlitzforGirlz.


Tortoiseshell Hairband, £2.99; Available at The Glitz.


Unconventional hats


I’m a sucker for a novelty piece of headgear: children’s tiaras, dad caps, granny-style bucket hats, I love it all and you’d be surprised how many microtrends can spring from a bold choice.
Retro Swimming Cap


Multi-coloured Swimming Hat, Beyond Retro, £18.
The Bucket hat…. also having a come back


Liberty x YMC Bucket Hat, £65, YMC.


Barbour, Waxed Bucket Hat, £14.95; Country Attire.


Plastic Visor, £1.79, Available from Mygirlynightout.


Roll-Up Straw Visor, Beyond Retro, £18


Straw Boater, £16, River Island.



Zebra Baseball Cap, £16, Topshop
International Sports Cap, £39.95, Barbour
Zephyr Sharks Snapback, £25, Asos
Colour block Cap, £24, American Apparel


Brought to you by the makers of Homies beanies; a less obvious choice
Reason Floral Cap, $24, Reason Clothing.
Headscarves and Turbans


Channel Dolce & Gabbana’s Sicilian summer with a silk scarf


1960s Pop Art Print Silk Scarf, £6, Absolute Vintage


Leopard Spot Turban Headband, £24, Anthropolgie


Fuschia Paisley Print Bandana, £3.19, Bandana Plus
Jamila xx

Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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