Look of the day – Glasto!!

This year of all years, I am kicking myself for not getting round to booking a Glasto ticket, mainly because the Stones were playing and most importantly because the Arctic Monkeys were headlining. 

Alex Turner was the star of the weekend for me, despite being seemingly possessed by the spirit of Elvis, he seemed ready to assume the role of Mick’s successor as Rock & Roll’s best front-man, commanding the stage and dressing up for the occasion, in a sparly blazer.

Despite my leanings, Glasto was not all about Alex or the Stones, but as always everyone was looking out to see who could match Kate for Glasto’s fashion queen; enter Poppy Delevingne.
Despite bursting onto the scene before her younger sister Cara, Poppy has taken a bit of a backseat as her sis has commanded covers, catwalks and campaigns.

I’m not sure how big her suitcase was but Poppy’s countless costume changes reinforced her commitment to the cause. Alternating between Indian headpieces, floral headbands and Cara’s Le Specs, Poppy more than mixed it up. Keeping her head busy and her wardrobe fresh, allowed Poppy to go make-up free.
 Sienna also popped up, offsetting her black tank and shorts combo, with an embroidered blazer and brown floppy hat.

Kate also was out and about in a floral silk blazer and tank, charm necklaces and signature skinnies and was later spotted wearing heeled boots and epic shearling jacket by Matchless.
Time to ditch the wellies everyone, Kate has spoken.


Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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