Couture Eye Candy – Elie Saab

Beauty isn’t always about what you put on your face or slather onto your body, sometimes beauty is simply the clothes you put on your back.
Couture will remain relevant as it continues to remind us that though every day we get dressed, there are days when we really must dress ourselves; days when you have to dress-up, to make an effort and be as exquisite as you can.
Though my aesthetic is firmly infused with grunge, Elie Saab makes not only a great case for couture, but also an unceasing case for indulging oneself in the finer things life has to offer.
I was first introduced to Elie Saab through a sky blue gown, worn by Lily Cole in British Vogue in the early noughties.
Elie Saab has since found fans in: Rihanna, Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johanssen and Florence Welch, and his Autumn/Winter 2013/14 show was more than red-carpet worthy. 
Models sauntered down the runway in an array of bordeaux, navy and bottle green gowns, with simple sweeping side-fringes, feline smokey eyes and nude lips; making the case for both couture and glamour, irrefutable.

Jamila x

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