Blush is feeling Beachy – Get the look with our top products for summer

Summer is a tricky beast to master. 
You want to look your best, but don’t want to look like you’ve tried. 
You want legs that glisten in the sun, hair that’s tousled from the sea and skin that’s so supple it looks like all you’ve imbibed is coconut water. 
Luckily, the beauty laboratories have our backs, and there will always be a product to make you look your best. Blush’s favourites for achieving the perfect summer look, range from fragrant body oils to skin-quenching masks.


The changing seasons always wreak havoc on my skin, add to that, I only drink an 1/8th  of my 8 glasses a day so you could imagine how thirsty my skin gets. Oils and creamy cleansers are great but every now and then you need something that sinks a little deeper, and Clarins HydraQuench Mask is it.

It takes about 5-10 minutes to get to work, so I usually put it on before the shower. It’s creamy and non-drying so you never have that mud-mask moment. Although I’ve given many a flatmate quite the shock- as it doesn’t disappear until you wash it off- it really is amazing and left my skin feeling baby-soft. Worth every penny.

Available to buy at, £33
I first noticed Orico London, driving past their store on the King’s Road, and it stuck out to me as a mini SpaceNk that I had to explore.  It turns out Orico London is a pretty big deal, and steadily making a name for itself as a go-to brand for urbanites in search of skin salvation.
Created by Shirin Valipour, Orico London, is a skincare brand with organics at its heart; no surprise then that Orico stands for organic, rich, ingredients in cosmetics and oils.
Not only does this British skincare brand dedicate itself to dealing with the environmental stresses of the city, but it does with it speed.
Dry body oil, Rush Hour,  is one of my absolute favourites, as it smells divine. Though it’s aroma is reminiscent of a citrusy passionfruit, it is rich in vitamins as well as oils: Macadamia, Rosehip, Orange and cell-rejuvenating Baobab.
Priced £19, Available from Orico London

Liz Earle‘s Cleanse and Polish is renowned as one of the best cleansers ever created. When I had the pleasure of meeting Liz at the launch of her new charity Think Twice, a few weeks ago, she revealed that Cleanse & Polish was initiated in the hopes of finding a product that everybody could use. Considering how different all of our skin is, this must have been quite the feat, so when I was on the hunt for a tinted moisturiser that I could recommend for everybody to use, Liz Earle was the brand that first sprang to mind; who could be better?

My presumptions were well-founded,  as the Sheer Skin Tint, is a dream. Happily it comes in four shades from: Bare (for fair skin tones) to Deep Bisque (darker skin tones); once again taking everyone into consideration.

Mineral-based and UV protected with SPF15, Sheer Skin Tint, leaves skin feeling soft, looking dewy, even, and natural. 

Available at Liz Earle, £21 

I recently reviewed Phil Smith’s Dry Shampoo for Grazia, because at £2.99 it is amazing.
The rest of Phil Smith’s range is more of the same; the products you want, like hair spray, heat defence spray and sea salt spray, at affordable prices. 
Sea salt spray, is known for being the only way to create those Aussie beach waves. Phil Smith’s Life’s A Beach, gives hair a defined, wavy, texture and thanks to its date fruit extract, leaves you smelling fresh.
£4.09! Available to buy at MySupermarket
If you’re a dedicated Blush reader, you’ll know how much I love a primer. They really are the only thing to keep your make-up intact. I ran out of primer a few weeks back and couldn’t figure out why by my face was bare by lunch. Benefit‘s Stay Flawless does exactly what it says on the tin. It comes in a stick and you just swipe the stick across your face and rub in. Though it’s a stick, it’s silky smooth and really keeps your make-up in place. I think Laura Mercier may have some competition. 
Available at BenefitCosmetics, £24.50
BYTERRY Terrybly
By Terry, for those who haven’t yet experienced it, is a truly luxurious brand and one of my favourites. Launched by the lady who created YSL‘s Touche Eclait, Terry de Gunzberg, it is undeniably on the same par.  Every By Terry product that touches your skin is hyaluronic, meaning that they contain ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid.  By Terry‘s Spring/Summer collection featured hyaluronic blushers and bronzers, the bronzer being one of my summer faves.

By Terry‘s lash-boosting mascara, Terrybly comes in a Forest Green for summer and it’s a must. The packaging is sleek, the brush is chubby and the pigment rich.
Green eyes, as seen at Stella McCartney, are the big trend this season, so do it with a simple swipe of Terry.

 Available exclusively to SpaceNK, priced £31.



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