Sunday Selection – Light in an Instant by Clarins

Picture the scene. It’s Monday July 22nd and it’s the hottest day of the year. You’ve finished work and you’re on your way to meet a friend for a quick glass of something cool. As you emerge from the heavily air-conditioned office you’ve watched the sun from all day, the heat hits you. You start walking and you’re absolutely parched, you want to run into Pret and grab a can of anything, but wise to the fact it’s nearing the end of the month, you resist and satisfy yourself with the remain’s of your water bottle. Thirst quenched, you’re lips are not, and vaseline in this weather is just not the way forward. Rummaging around in your handbag you find you Clarins. Oh sweet Clarins! You whip out your tiny tube, which thankfully you remembered to transfer from your weekend clutch, and unscrew the cool metallic lid.
As you wait by the traffic lights you smooth the sponge applicator across your lips, gently squeezing the tube to get as much glossy jelly goodness as possible. You press your lips together and cross the road where your friend awaits you at an outside table. 
You hurry over, kiss her cheek without fear of sticking to her and sit down, slightly less flustered.
“Your lips look nice babe,” she remarks. “Oh thanks, it’s just my new tinted lip balm” you reply, then head to the bar for a G&T. 
Available at Clarins, priced £17.

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