Look of the day- Miranda Kerr doing Rihanna – How to get poker straight hair

Miranda Kerr was pictured looking stunning last week in a printed tangerine tea dress by Wes Gordon  and has rightly been on the best dressed lists of magazines the world over. Last week M-Kerr was also on Blush’s Look of the day list, wearing a black tank and printed chiffon maxi skirt; and in our eyes she was the new queen of beachy-boho.
However, models are chameleons and paid to stay as such, so as we were all getting used to her cruising the streets and airports of New York in floaty numbers, out she popped yesterday in denim cut-offs, aviators, a black tank and studded Chloe boots.
Although, last week’s looks were gorgeous- and perhaps the weather is clouding my judgement here-but I think I prefer the bad-ass Miranda. It takes a brave woman to walk out into the rain with poker straight hair and denim shorts, so for that Miranda we salute you. The scarlet red lips and denim shirt around the waist, we might have to start calling her Mi Mi.
Achieve Miranda’s poker straight locks with:
The Mask
Hair Masks are still the secret for achieving glossy healthy hair and Argan oil is still the queen tamer.
Kiehl’s Superbly Smoothing Mask does to your hair what their award-winning lotions do for your skin.
Available to buy at Liberty, £25.
The Brush
A paddle brush is the best if you’re after a smooth finish. Aveda’s detangles and gives your scalp a little massage.
Available to buy at Aveda.com, £19.
The Heat Protector
L’Oreal’s Elnett is still the best hairspray for a weightless finish. Though it may not smell amazing or be as good for your hair as an Ojon or Aveda, unlike many that claim to, it keeps hair straight the morning after and is a bargain.
Available to buy at Boots.com, priced £5.99

The Straightener
We all know that GHDs are the best, but they’re not cheap. Whether you’re saving up for a new pair or just don’t want to spend a £100 on straightners, there are others out there.
Remington‘s Shine Therapy Straighteners are just under £40, and the plates are infused with Argan Oil, who needs boring ceramics!
Remington S8500 Shine Therapy Straightener with Argan Oil, £39.99 from Boots.com 
The Serum
I must admit I loved Tigi’s holding serum and it’s definitely worth a buy, but I’ve just bought B&B’s De-Frizz and I love it. It cost £22 which did wound me a little but every time I use it I’m glad I did, it’s a huge bottle and has already lasted months and I’m nowhere near a third of the way through. It’s worth the cash and lives up to the hype.
Bumble & Bumble, De-frizz, £22. Available to buy at Liberty. 

Jamila x

Bliss (UK)


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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