Blush Asks…Carmen Haid

Carmen Haid, is the founder of Atelier-Mayer.  As the granddaughter of haute couturier Klaudia Mayer, fashion was always likely to play a pivotal role in her life. 

Carmen started A-M in 2008, fast-forward four years, and it is deemed the Net-a-Porter of the Vintage world. 
Atelier-Mayer have dressed everyone from Nicole Kidman and Emma Watsonto Rosamund Pike and Leona Lewis.
When you’re dressing the A-list, it’s imperative to look your best. Luckily for Blush, Carmen spared a moment to reveal her current beauty faves, and let us have a peek inside her Art-Deco studio in West London. 
Carmen Haid
Lives in… 
London, St. John’s Wood
What product are you loving at the moment?
La Prairie eye gel
Where do you buy your beauty bits?
Online, assorted stores such as Space NK and airport shops around the world
Which spa or salon do you have on speed dial?
Dr. Frances Prenna Jones
What product can’t you live without?
Midnight Secret by Guerlain
What last made you blush?
Belmacz lipgloss (£23 Available at Cultbeauty) with real gold leaf
Inside the Atelier-Mayer showroom
Some of Blush’s favourite pieces from Atelier-Mayer, from left: 1960s Scallop-hemmed dress £430, 1970s Gucci bag £450, 1970s Bill Blass houndstooth swimsuit £140.
Some of the famous faces wearing A-M:

Amanda Peet,Alexa Chung, Emma Watson and Gemma Chan 

Jamila x



Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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