Blush’s Favourite Bronzers

Whether you’re fair, olive or dark-skinned, you can never do without a bit of bronzer.

Although this season and next, are all about a more pared-back look, bronzer is the key to adding dimension to the face- whether you’re creating contours or highlighting.

I first discovered bronzer at 18, around the age I fell in love with foundation. Once you’ve put on foundation, which should be treated as a base, you’re often left looking a bit flat. 
It’s purpose is to create a blank canvas and even skin tone, but it is with bronzer that you can begin to create a look.

At Bottega Veneta’s Spring/Summer ’13 show (pictured above) bronzer was used to mimic cheeks flushed from running in the wild. 

If it’s definition you’re after, contouring is a great way of creating cheekbones, or as Kim K says “making your face look thinner”; whilst highlighting gives you that ‘my cheekbones always catch the light in this way’ look.

Contour – Cream
By Terry Hylauronic
By Terry,  as you probably now by now (as I’m obsessed) is the brainchild of the marvellous Terry de Gunzberg, the lady who invented Touche Eclait whilst she was at YSL.  
By Terry, is a luxury brand, and although their bronzer isn’t cheap, it is incredible.  I’ve been using it since April and I’m barely a third of the way through. 
What makes By Terry special is their use of Hyaluronic acid, which is, in a nutshell, moisture! It restores the natural hylauronan in your skin and can be used as a cure for skin cell damage and dehydration. The great thing about it is, you can slather on as much as you like knowing it’s doing wonders for your skin.
It stops you getting dry patches or spots in that area, which can occur from using unclean brushes (we’ve all done it) or too much powder. It comes in a matte mousse form, which is super light. I squeeze a tiny bit onto my fingetips rub it into the hollows of my cheeks and blend; it gives me the bone structure I’ve always wanted and my skin stays clear. It’s my summer saviour.
By Terry, Hyaluronic Summer. Available in Fair, Medium and Ultra Tan.
Priced £44, SpaceNK
Guerlain – The  first love is the deepest
Guerlain was the first bronzer I’d ever bought. I swear I’m not a super rich kid! But my friend had the Rimmel one at school and it was far too light for me. After I tried it and I looked like a mucky clown, I’d come to the conclusion, that bronzers didn’t suit dark skin tones, but I really wanted one.   A year or so later, a Uni friend and I decided we wanted to blow our student loans on a trip to Paris. We spent hours walking along the Champs Elysees trying to think of things we could afford. Sephora, stole at least 2 hours of our lives, but was amazing.  Not thinking things could get much better we went into Guerlain. The entrance is fairly inocuous, but the staircase isn’t. 
Gilded from floor to ceiling, it was the most unashamadely extravagant place I’d ever been (for beauty products!), and so un-Parisian. The  perfume chandeliers were exquisite but I wasn’t quite fragrance -ready so went over to the make-up. The sales assistant offered to try a Guerlain Terrocata bronzer on me, and the rest is history. 
My cheekbones emerged, higlighted in flecks of gold and blush-pink bronze, it was one of those moments I will never forget and thankfully it spurred my love for make-up. 

Guerlain, Terrocota Bronzing Powder in 8 shades. £34 from Harrods.

Contour – Powder 
Laura Mercier
As I mentioned earlier, powder bronzers do generally tend to be a little drying. Laura Mercier‘s baked bronzer is one of the few that isn’t. I use it to a contour,  but they also have a highlighter for fair skin which should be applied at the top of the cheekbone. I use Laura Mercier‘s Baked powders on the days I want a more shimmery matte finish as it’s subtle but very effective, and gentle with my skin. They’re also great for contouring in the darker shades, and the boxy packaging makes me feel like lady who means business.

Laura Mercier, Matte Radiance Baked Powder, £23. Available in 4 shades &1  highlighter, from

Nars -The Illuminator

NarsIlluminator, is the bronzer that stole me away from Guerlain. I still have it (slightly excessive to have 3 bronzers at the same time I know), and I’ve had it for a good 16months. Although, it’s half the price of the By Terry bronzer, I have become equally as precious with it.  
It’s great for highlighting cheekbones, using around the eyes, or mixing with a moisturiser to give an all-over glow. Like the Nars, multiple stick (which I also love) it is a great little multi-tasker and is like liquid gold. You only need to use the smallest amount on your fingertip and you’ll always have some left over. In terms of highlighters,  this one’s worth the extra tenner, it really is the best of the best.

Nars, Laguna Illuminator, £22. Available at 

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