Powder Room – Brit-Flick Alert! One for the Calender.

Jamie Winstone first burst onto the scene as a gobby west London girl with a penchant for filth, in Noel Clarke’s Kidulthood.  This autumn sees her team up with the same producer, in an equally controversial role alongside Sheridan Smith; the current stage darling who, too, started out on our screens in a top bun and trackie b’s.

Powder Room‘s title is a subtle hint, to those in the know, as to the mischief that might manifest through the night. The story follows four girls: Jaime Winstone, Sheridan Smith, Kate Nash and Oona Chaplin, the grandaughter of Charlie Chaplin, on a night out. 

The trailer has already had me in stitches, my favourite quote being: ‘do you like my fuck me boots?’ to which Smith’s character replies: “They’re tiny. They’re more like finger me boots”. 

It’s a Brit-flick that celebrates girls and the fun we have within the safe four walls of the ladies. The film out on November 29th, gives all the boys an insight into what we really get up to, and all the girls, memories of good times; can’t wait.

Jamila x

Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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