Campaign Trailing – Dree Hemingway for Ay Not Dead

Dree Ay not dead
As dedicated readers of Blush will know I love a good campaign. Not only is it a way to gauge the mood of the season, but they’re always beautiful shots engineered for escapism.
I was instantly drawn to this amazing campaign, featuring Dree Hemingway, partly because the setting was exquisite; immediately drawing comparisons in my mind to Hockney and Helmut Newton (or perhaps a raw 2013 interpretation).
The styling is the perfect way to ease us all out of summer into the grunge wave that will take us by storm this autumn (although that being said, I’ve been rocking my tartan jeans for quite some time; I didn’t quite get summer this year!) 
The campaign for the Spanish denim brand Ay Not Dead (which I’ve just discovered) featured Magda Laguinge, as well as Dree, who has to be one of the coolest models around. She manages to make her NYC blonde-boho look work in every setting, be it on the red carpet or in nothing but pink jeans by a pool.
Despite the amazing clothes and backdrop, what I love most about these shots is Dree’s dishevelled off-centre-parted wavy hair, which is so easily achievable. All you need is to put some serum into wet hair, twist, pin-up and release when you’re ready. Like Dree this hair-do doesn’t really get any cooler; love.
Shot by: Sebastian Faena, for Ay Not Dead

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