Beauty Backstage – Giles solves your winter hair woes with the plait

British weather can tend to be a bit of a bugger. You spend ages tending to your locks, only to be greeted by a gust of wind as soon as you leave the house. 

Wherever you live you are always likely to face weather-induced woes, such as: shrinkage with humidity, hair drying-out in the sun or frozen ends. 

However, there is one hairstyle that will see you through all weather and through the year – the plait.

Not only is the plait good for your hair, giving it a little break away from products, heating tools and the wind, it’s easy to do, looks better the more disheveled it becomes and means the next day you can rock a natural kink.

Giles, the protegee of Katie Grand, and one of Britain’s great designers and catwalk visionaries, featured windswept side plaits for his Spring/Summer 14 show at London Fashion Week this week. Despite being scheduled for Spring/Summer, it’s an all-year-round winner.
Although like a perfect ponytail that’s beginning to wane by the afternoon, don’t try and fix it – just use kirby grips to tidy it up- because it always looks best first time round.

Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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