Blush Asks…Little Mix

Last night saw the launch of Little Mix by Collection at The Mayfair Hotel.
Seeing as he was going to be in the presence of four hotties, I took my brother along to the event. 
The swanky surrondings were the perfect backdrop for the relaunch of a brand which we have all probably worn at some point in our lives. 
As Collection enters a new era, without the 2000, it was only fitting for them to team up with one of the UK’s biggest girl bands, who not only love dressing up and experimenting with their beauty looks, but are fearless whilst doing so.
Before I knocked back too many mojitos and glasses of champagne, I asked Little Mix what their favourite pieces from their new range were, some of their tips on working a day-to-night look, and shared some embarrassing stories with Jade.
It was a lovely evening (even if I did eat too any cupcakes) and the girls proved themselves to be true pros.
Little Mix
(Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne & Perrie)
Live in..


What product are you loving at the moment?
Perrie: Purple lipstick
Leigh-Anne: Clear Mascara, because you can use it for everything. I use it a lot to tame my curly brows.
Jade: I love the eye palette, as it’s really subtle.
Jesy: Definitely the orangey-red lip I’m wearing tonight. 
Within the collection, you each created your own ranges, which reflect your own individual style. What would you say your style is?


Jade: Mine’s quite preppy
Leanne: I’d say mine is old school with an edge
Jesy: I’m definitely a glamour-puss all the way.
Perrie: I feel like my style changes all the time, so I’d say a bit of everything.



You all created a day and night look for Collection, so what do you use to take your beauty look from day to night?
Perrie: Glitter eyeliner.
Leigh-Anne: I love that just got back from holiday bronzed look, so I try and keep that up at home, I love bronzers for day or night.
Jade: I start with  a neutral lip and mascara for day, then I will add eyeshadow for the evening. I feel it’s a lot easier to work up from a natural lip.



What last made you blush?
Jade:  At the Brit awards I saw Alexa Chung, and I’m a big fan of her and her style. I was walking towards her to say hi and tripped! It was so embarrassing but worse because she didn’t smile or anything. That was really awkward.


Jamila x



Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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