Blush loves…Topshop’s Kabuki Brush

When I first started buying make-up I was advised to always use natural brushes, mainly because they lasted longer. Natural brushes are great and to be fair, the ones I have bought have lasted for years. They’re easy to care for- you just need to wash them regularly with shampoo (although I prefer face wash) and let them air dry flat.
The trouble is if you like to use a different brush for bronzer, blush and powder, you won’t have time to go through the whole washing process and natural brushes aren’t cheap.
Topshop‘s Kabuki brush is the first synthetic brush in a while that’s come close to mimicking a natural brush; it’s full, fluffy, soft and distributes powder evenly.
Not only is this little cutie washable and dip-dyed cobalt blue, at £8 it’s a veritable bargain. 
Available to buy at Topshop.
Jamila x



Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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