How to get brows like Lily Collins – Look of the day

Lily Collins, attended the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Show at Chateau Marmont in L.A last night, sporting a new beachy bob, but as ever it was her brows that made Blush swoon.
It was way back in August when I first noticed Lily Collins’ amazing brows. It was around the time she was promoting The Mortal Instruments, when she suddenly went from aspiring actress and daughter of Phil, to stylish starlet. Perhaps it was the thigh high leather boots, that I instantly wanted, or the black and red jumper, but from head to toe her look was perfection, made all the more perfect by her bushy brows. Brows, which alongside her sharp collar, made the look seem totally acceptable for strolling around NYC in the day, and made it all very Pretty Woman, in a good way.
Since then Lily Collins, has been on many a best dressed list and though she does dress well, what I love most are her brows. 
Thanks to Cara Delevingne we ditched our tweezers  long ago, in favour of a thick, groomed brow. Though this means trips to the salon are short and infrequent, the power brow isn’t just about letting it all hang out. 
Everyone from Benefit to Bobbi Brown, has some form of brow kit to help you fill in gaps or keeps brows in places, but my ultimate fave- and the product I use every day- is (probably unsurprisingly) By Terry.
By Terry’s Eyebrow Liner, comes in felt-tip pen form, and is available in 2 shades: Blonde and Brown (although I have black hair and the brown is great for me too).
The liner itself is part of By Terry‘s Graphism collection for Autumn/Winter and was inspired by Cara and the craze she instigated. 
The beauty of this pen is that the nib is super fine so you can create small strokes that mimic hairs; making it a very accurate and natural way to fill in brows. The ink is not only fast-drying but, thankfully waterproof, as there’s nothing worse than a moving brow.
By Terry, Eyebrow Liner, £23. Available at
Once you’ve filled brows, they need to be set in place. Or if like me you have unruly curly brows, they need to be disciplined. By Terry’s brow mascara, comes in four shades: blonde, grey, auburn and dark brown, all of which have a transparent pigment, to give a natural finish.
The powdery gel formula gives brows a flexible hold, without looking cakey. 
You’ll only need a swipe of this mascara to keep brows in check, and as it comes in grey I can use it forever.
By Terry, Brow Mascara, £26. Available at SpaceNK.
Jamila x

Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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