Testing the treatment – London’s hottest waxers- the best of South, West & Central London.

Blush London continues to travel across the city testing out its hottest hot waxers.
In the latest ‘Testing the Treatment’ Blush checks out what Notting Hill, Pimlico and Marylebone have to offer.
Gielly Green
The Otilya Roberts Waxing Centre at Gielly Green

My first of many future visits to the Otilya Waxing Centre, was one of the best wax experiences I’ve ever had.
Housed on the lower ground floor within the salon Gielly Green, the sumptuous setting was the height of luxury.

Gielly Green is situated on George St, not too far from Selfridges and its Gielly Green stamped awnings make the salon impossible to miss, and upon entering you instantly understad why they’re happy to stand out.
As I waited in the foyer, on a plush crescent-shaped velvet sofa, surrounded by interior design books and fashion magazines, I felt like I was in the living room of a wealthy friend, or the lounge of my dreams.

As hairstylists, assistants and beauticians milled around, I never felt int the way, instead I wished I was waiting to be attended on by them as well. Once my beautician was ready I was led downstairs into the charming treatment rooms, which were equally plush and made homely by the array of flowers and scented candles.

Otilya Roberts wasn’t available on the day of my visit but her second in line, who has been working with her for years attended to me. 
I opted for a brazilian hot wax and though it took a while- as my beautician was a true perfectionist, painstakingly assuring that no hair went unnoticed, it was worth it.
 When someone is paying such great attention to detail, and managing not to cause you any pain or discomfort in the process, you can only be grateful of their care; plus the setting was so delightful that I didn’t mind. 

It was easily the most wonderful experience and was true luxury in the sense that it wasn’t just the products and interiors that were exquisite but the level of customer service I received for the duration of my time there, was so superb that I didn’t want to leave.
I would recommend Otilya at Gielly Green to anyone looking to really spoil themselves or a loved one. It really is first class.
Otilya Roberts Waxing Centre, 
Gielly Green,42-44 George St, London, W1U 7ES
T: 020 7034 3060; www.giellygreen.co.uk

Brazilian/Hollywood Wax, £45. 

Strip Wax Bar

I’ve wanted to visit to Strip Wax Bar since I stumbled upon their Soho branch a few years ago. It looked like the ultimate boudoir, fit with luminous lingerie, scarlet silk gowns and saucy separates.

Knowing I’d be in the Notting HIll area, I decided it was time to take the plunge.
Beautiful lingerie from the likes of Elle McPherson and Stella McCartney, alongside Cosabella‘s neon bralets, filled the upper floor.
After resisting the urge to buy everything I checked in with reception and was asked to fill out a short form, detailing any issues I may have. (I always feel more at ease when I know salons take into account different skin needs.)

Each treatment room is themed according to the wax it houses; there are chocolate, lavender, gold, berry and an olive rooms.
After completing the form, in which I stated I had fairly sensitive skin, I was taken to the Olive room, home to Strip’s olive oil infused lycon hot wax. The wax itself came in giant green chunks, that looked almost volcanic and melted into a gooey green formula.
The Olive room, was wonderful as it had a t.v screen in it, which proved to be a great distraction, that I now always miss whenever I am waxed anywhere else. I opted for a G-String wax, the original bikini wax, to mix things up. 
The wax was quick and pain free and did away with my most stubborn hairs.

I was so content downstairs that I could’ve chilled there watching Katy Perry roar for hours.
 When I finally dragged myself upstairs I was informed about the aftercare available as well as the loyalty scheme, as if I needed another reason to return.

Strip Wax Bar, 
112 Talbot Road, London, W11 1JR.
For appointments visit: http://www.stripwaxbar.com/ or telephone 020 7727 2754
G-String Wax, £34.



If you’re lucky enough to live in the Pimlico area or ever find yourself at Victoria station with an hour to spare, Appuru is the place to visit.

Appuru is situated on a quaint side street in Pimlico, pretty much equidistant from both Victoria and Pimlico stations. Walking down the street of Belgravia townhouses and basement flats, you instantly feel very special, as if you’re off to a secret hideaway, a little sanctuary only you know about.

The salon has an instantly boutiquey feel, partly due to the fact that the ground floor is a beauty 
boutique boasting an edited selection of cult skincare brands such as Caudalie, Trilogy and Aromatherapy Associates. 

The owner Karen who is most often in the store, greeted me alongside the beautician and made me instantly feel like a regular. After we talked through the treatment I was after and I was talked through the store and it’s inception, I was escorted down to the treatment room by my smiley beautician.

I opted for the Brazilian, and the process was a quick and a pain-free one. As a distraction my beautician and I talked about all sorts and she also informed me about the art of sugar scrubbing, something I still am meaning to try. The whole experience felt very personal and the finished result was great. 

Whenever I am in the area or in need of a Cheers waxing moment, Appuru will always be top of my list. I came out smiling and after a wax, what more could you want.

43 Moreton St, London, SW1V 2NY
For appointments telephone: 0207 828 0101 or visit: http://www.appuru.co.uk/
Brazilian Wax, £38.50.

Jamila x

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