Sunday Selection – The Ultimate Bath

Sunday night is approaching. You’ve done something with your day- be it traipsing around Borough, Spitafields or Brixton market and you’re pooped.

You’re not sure if you have time to make the roast you were so set on earlier and you still haven’t ironed all of your shirts for the week. Downton’s over, and the thought of watching I’m a celebrity, except for Carlton, is unappealing. The Bloody Mary from earlier has long worn off and you could do with a lie-down, but you know if you sleep now you’ll be up at 4 in the morning and who needs that on a Monday.

When Sundays like this come around, which is pretty much every week for me, the only solution is to have a bath. The long-lost friend that you only ever stand in when you’re having a shower, has been aching for your attention since you moved in and it really is the key to relieving you of all of your woes, or indeed your unidentified drunken bruises from last night.

Baths are perennially underrated, but once you’ve gotten over the fact that you have to run them, will probably scold your arse and your fingers will be a little on the granny side, you’re always glad you did it.

The key to a great bath is what goes in it: the oils, the fragrant bubbles and if you’re feeling nostalgic, the toy (although a glass of wine, book, or iPod are all great adult substitutions.) Even writing this I am desperate to ditch the laptop and run one of my own.

Radox is a classic, and it is lovely, as are the bath bombs from Lush, but there are some new luxe products out there perfect for upping your bath game.

Trilogy’s Aromatic Body Oil (£16.50), is not actually a bath oil, it is a dry body oil that works wonders on your skin, but in a way of elongating it’s life and getting the best out of it, I’ve begun to put a few drops in my bath and it is divine. The aroma-therapeutic oil owes its robust scent to its combination of rosehip, sweet almond and bergamot.

Although oils are the key to supple and hydrated post-soak skin, no bath would be complete without bubbles.

Bodhi is a fairly new skincare brand specialising in shower and bath gels, lotions and oils. I tried their Jasmine Falls Bath and Shower Therapy and though the heady aroma of jasmine, lavender and vetyver is slightly overwhelming for the confinement of a shower, it is perfect for the bath. 

Kicking back in Bodhi’s silky suds is easy, safe in the knowledge that the fragrant blend is both stress alleviating and sleep promoting.

Sunday nights just got a lot easier.

Jamila x
Lead Picture: Tim Walker for Vogue

Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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