Movember Treats

We all know by now that most guys grow moustaches for Movember because they either actually just want to grow a moustache or they have always wondered what one would look like have decided to take the plunge under the guise of charity.

Though many men do look good with a ‘tache many do look ridiculous, especially when they decide to give a handlebar a go, “just to see what it looks like.” Nevertheless they do deserve a treat for doing something charitable and with Movember becoming an annual event, there’s pleanty to choos from. Blush picks the best.

Penhaligon’s are one of Britain’s most -loved brands, thanks to their unique scents for ladies and gents.
They’ve also been getting in on the Movember action with tie pins and brooches designed by Tatty Devine, but our absolute favourite is their Moustache Wax, which comes in a delightfully retro tin. Penhaligon’s are also donating £2 from the sale of every tin to charity, plus postage is free so you get a lot for your fiver and whilst appearing to be extremely giving. 
Penhaligon’s, Moustache Wax, £5. Available at Penhaligon’s.

Murdoch London have gained quite the reputation for their knowledge of men’s moustaches and beards. The salon which started in Shoreditch are now based all over London have stores everywhere from Norway to Kent. Their moustache comb is a great little gift that I can imagine many an aspiring gent whipping outside of their inside pocket, when you pop to the ladies.
Murdock London, Moustache Comb, £6. Available to buy at Murdock.
I love Steam Cream because their little tins come in a thousand different finishes and you can keep them afterwards (not sure what for but they’re nice).
They’ve got into the Movember spirit with a Mo and Mini Mo steam cream, both containing their with handmade steamed cream, made with lavender oil, oats, cocoa butter, orange blossom, rose absolute, jojoba oil and neroli oil.
It’s perfect for late and post-november, keeping your skin and ‘tache silky smooth.
 10% of all proceeds go to Movember’s charity.
Steam Cream, Mo and Mini Mo creams, £12.95 for both. Available at SteamCream.

Jamila x

Penhaligon's Movember Wax


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