Beauty Backstage – Pigtails and Liner @ Marc by Marc Jacobs – A/W ’14

In a collection centred around revolution, it came as no surprise that Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley’s first show for Marc by Marc Jacobs, would feature heavy eyeliner.

Nothing screams rebellion quite like heavily kohl-rimmed eyes. One is instantly transported back to teenage days when panda-eyes prevailed. Though rebellion is not quite revolution, it is in this era of our lives, that the notion of revolution first enters our consciousness and we in turn revolt against the child we once were, convinced of the woman we believe we have already become.

In this sense the combination of eyeliner and pigtails couldn’t be more poignant, or ironic; a perfect demonstration of this battle with age and innocence. It is a battle I still sense within myself. In age I am a ‘grown-up’, in spirit anything but. 

Thus, it is the ideal representation of the Marc by Marc customer. And the ideal representation of any young woman coming of age or grappling with the age she is. It is also the perfect beauty look to compliment a collection that fused grown up silk scarves with childish charms, and tailored jackets with cartoonishly embroidered jeans. 

So if you’re struggling with a look to represent your current state of mind, it is pigtails and liner, topped off with a headband.

Jamila x



Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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