Blush’s Top 5 Face Oils

It seems crazy that for any season oil would be a good thing to put on your face. Ten years ago clogged pores and spots would immediately spring to mind, but this is 2014 and we’ve moved on. 

These days face oils are the height of luxury – at £40 a pop they most definitely are, I hear you cry. Yet in fact a face oil, much like any other luxury item is a sound investment. 

For hydrated and supple skin 2-3 drops are all you need, and considering measurements range from 15-63ml, that’s a hell of a lot of oil.

Oils have been lauded for their natural properties, free from bizarre sounding chemicals like Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde, whatever that is.

Instead ingredient lists read like a spa-made concoction of goodness. Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, Jasmine oil, Rosehip
and new kid on the block, Marula oil, are just a few of the soothingly natural ingredients these super oils boast.

So if your skin is in need of a boost, or you just fancy less trips to Boots, it’s time to try a face oil. 

Liz Earle, queen of the hot cloth cleanser, wasn’t quite satisfied with leaving it there. Determined to be queen of skincare, Liz Earle’s new Superskin range, aims to give you just that. Intended for those with mature or very dry skin, the Superskin Concentrate, is a highly concentrated blend of hazelnut, neroli, lavender, avocado, rosehip, argan and chamomile oils. The blend of these oils, makes for the most divine aroma but leaves skin softened and hydrated. Plus the frosted glass bottle is rather swank. 

Liz EarleSuperskin Concentrate, £40.50 (28ml)/ £6 (2ml)
Available at John or Liz Earle.

African Botanics was the first face oil I tried and it really is very good. The bottle is absolutely huge (I’ve had it since May and haven’t even got a fifth of the way through.) The great thing about A.B’s formula is that, much like it’s unique bottle- it is simple and is exactly what it says it is, pure Marula oil. Marula Oil -native to Africa- is the new Argan oil, rich in essential fatty acids Omega 9 and Omega 6 and Vitamins C & D. What I love about this is it really suits all skin types, feels really light on the skin and is also quickly absorbed, meaning that you won’t have to potter about for 5 minutes to ensure your pillow stays oil free.

African BotanicsPure Marula Oil, £60 for 63ml.
Available at SpaceNK

I’ve been desperate to try everything from Aromatherapy Associates for ages. Perhaps it’s the name that just sounds so official, or perhaps it’s the fact that it graces the pages of every magazine and must-have beauty list. I was feeling a bit left out and wanted to know what all of the fuss was about, so I thought it was sensible to start with an oil, them being aromatherapists and all.
A.A’s Revitalising face oil didn’t disappoint. The bottle is small, but it is mighty. The blend of rose, frankincense and borage, not only packs a skin-healing punch, but releases the most aromatic of aromas, instantly alleviating the day’s stresses.

Aromatherapy Associates, Revitalising Face Oil, £41 for 15ml.
Available at SpaceNK and Liberty

Trilogy‘s Rosehip oil, not only boasts the beyond beautiful David Gandy as a fan, but is the most cost-effective of the bunch. When I first tried Trilogy’s Rosehip oil, I doused my poor face in it and wondered why I was left rather shiny . After falling in love with their aromatic body oil I felt it only right to give it another go. I’m glad I did because when all else fails, or the wind has been particularly abusive, nothing works better. The pipette and frosted glass have the desired apothecary feel, making me feel like a pro, but also ensuring I only use a drop or two. Trilogy’s oil is so rich in Rosehip, it’s colour is a deep gold, making it feel that little bit more luxe. 
TrilogyRosehip Oil, 16.50 for 20ml.
Available at John Lewis

Lead Picture: Aesop‘s fabulous face oil, is the most recent oil I’ve tried and considering their entire brand boasts the apothecary vibe, it had to be done. Although Aesop’s oil isn’t my favourite smelling, my skin is left feeling soft. Whilst the formula boasts ylang ylang, juniper berry and sweet almond oil, there are a few kind chemicals which in my mind defeats the point of using these luxe oils. However if you’re an Aesop loyalist, you won’t mind.

AesopFabulous Face Oil, £40 (25ml). Available at Aesop.

Jamila x



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