Look of the day – Elle Fanning at Paris Fashion Week

Suddenly the long winter is banished and London begins to see the sunshine – albeit scattered and sporadic. Over in Paris, Fashion Week, like the long, dark months behind us, has reached its expiration for another season. And it is there where a precocious young starlet draped in an outfit of sophisticated sunbeam charm is awarded our look of the day.

When Miu Miu sought to replace the equally prodigious Adele Exarchopoulos and co-star Lea Seydoux with a quartet of flourishing cinematic talent for Spring 2014, it was Fanning who was plucked from the vast fields of young Hollywood might-be’s, could-be’s and wannabe’s.

This is because Elle Fanning presents her outfits with an elegance not simply beyond her years but outside the capabilities of her competing peers. In short: Girl got style.

And so to the finale of Paris fashion week and the Miu Miu show that closed the event. Barely-not-a-baby, Fanning arrived bedecked in a baby-blue coat of the type that forces you to suppress outright jealousy. Her sporty houndstooth dress, enlivened with yellow and purple colouring, summoned the playful spirit of the Sixties – a decade much raided but seldom revived without the curse of pastiche. 

S. D. Jarvis

As Blush expands I’ve enlisted the help of some fresh talent. First new member of the Blush team is fashion correspondent Steve Jarvis. I hope you like him as much as me.

Jamila x

Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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