Sunday Selection – GlamGlow’s Supermud

Taking over from me on the Sunday Selection is Cat Berry, the newest member of the Blush team. Every Sunday Cat will be selecting her must-have product of the week. 
First up is the Super Mud for the Superstars, GLAMGLOW.
After reading rave reviews about the new Supermud mask by Glamglow, I decided after much hesitation (due to the £45 price tag) to give this product with apparent ‘superpowers’ a go. 
Suffering from acne in my teens with subsequent scarring and redness, I am constantly on the look out for a skin solution. It felt like a hopeless quest, with many products promising a fairy tale ending, but in reality not stepping up to the mark.
For all of you out there in skin despair, do not lose hope. With just one application of Glamglow‘s Supermud, my skin changed overnight. 

Leave the mask on skin for anything between 5-20 minutes and you can visibly see the mud extracting impurities. This is one of the most scientifically advanced face masks on the market. Ingredients include: charcoal to absorb toxic impurities, peppermint plant to help control bacteria and eucalyptus leaf to heal, hydrate and protect.

What was once lacklustre, patchy skin, is now smooth, soft and luminous. My black heads are clearing and scarring diminishing.
It’s a surefire way of achieving that elusive JLo glow! And as for the steep price tag? £45 well spent girls.

GLAMGLOWSupermud, 30ml, £45. Order from



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