Look of the day- Emmy Rossum

He’s back again, this time swooning over Emmy Rossum at the Real Simple, Botanical Beauty party. Steve Jarvis tells us why she’s one to watch.

Jamila x
Cocktail parties are generally drab affairs populated by men in bland suits and women in boring dresses. People continue to host them in the mistaken belief that pre-fixing the word ‘party’ with the word ‘cocktail’ automatically endows an evening with a sophisticated glamour. You’re encouraged to sip when everybody longs to gulp. You look longingly at the blast of colour that fills your cup and wish the colourless chatter in the room would halt. You crave that someone has the guile, the force of personality, to come pirouetting through the room, emerging from a sparkling dust-cloud born from the crash of a glitter bomb.
Readers, meet Emmy Rossum.
You may know Emmy from her acclaimed performance in movies such as Mystic River (2003) or Dare (2009). You may even own one of her two albums. You will have certainly, though, seen her angelical features beaming graciously at you from the pages of a fashion magazine or website. Rossum has a face that seems carved by the hand of a master Renaissance sculptor. There is no chance of her escaping the glare of those concerned with style and beauty.
When Emmy attend a New York cocktail party on Saturday, she chose exuberance over supposed sophistication. Exactly the shot of radiance such staid events require. Her Andrew GN dress offered a burst of midnight blue bedecked with bold evening stars and fluttering night-birds shadowed in black. Her hair continued the trend for the swept back, fringe-free, full-face revealing style sported so often by so many of late. But with a face that pretty, pristine and clean, Emmy Rossum would be forgiven for rinsing this trend for all its might.  
S.D Jarvis

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Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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