Campaign Trailing – Marion Cotillard for Dior

Fashion’s love for all things ballet shows no signs of waning, as is evident in Dior‘s latest Ad Campaign.

Marion Cotillard stars in the campaign as the continuing face of the Lady Dior handbag.

We’ve seen Marion as a gutsy granny in La Vie en Rose, a wounded but fiesty whale trainer in Rust & Bone and pensively looking into the distance for Dior’s preceding Lady Dior campaigns. 

This season the actress, who has been a face of the house since 2008,  elegantly sautes barefoot in the air. 
In the images, Cotillard sports her signature cat-eyeliner and a curly bouffant-do. 
As she manages to hold the camera’s gaze, keep her toes pointed, rock a polo neck and showcase the bag- all with enviable poise; it’s little wonder why the French beauty is still No.1 on Raf’s list. 
Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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