Look of the day – Emma Watson

Perpetual childhood, inescapable adolescence – the twin plagues of the child actor or actress, musician or model. 
Finding rapid global fame presents the teen or child star with a blitz of adoration and riches. These things – should you find yourself attached to some planet-conquering franchise or providing the vocals to a chart-eating pop monster – will rain down upon you like a shower of gilded arrows. A cascade of compliments, kisses and clothing will land readily at your perfectly petite, infantile feet.
But the price of a ticket to juvenile superstardom must be paid – and so often it is paid in forfeiting your adulthood. The public may see you forever as a cutesome man-boy (Macualay Caulkin). Or you may be required to hurl your dignity into the abyss, freeing yourself of your former munchkin stardom (Miley Cyrus).
Its a gilded cage difficult to escape. To do so, you need genuine talent, authentic friends, mental fortitude, sound advice from a team of sound advisers ….
….oh, and a killer Saint Laurent Suit and some vicious Louboutin heels. Obviously.
Emma Watson, by utilising the cigarette trouser trend with such elan as to transcend it, for the beautifully crisp, buttoned-to-the-top white shirt and for keeping an androgynous look coolly weighted towards the feminine with a wise touch of fuchsia lipstick, consider your award as Blush London‘s Look of the Day your official graduation into Adult Fashionista. 
Hermione Granger is dead. Long live Emma Watson.




Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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