Miranda Kerr – Look of the day

Miranda Kerr; a daughter of that vast and scorching land we call Australia. Her city of birth is Sydney, a metropolis where daytime teems with intense and splendid colour. The sky competes with the ocean in their ferocity of azure blues. The sun dyes every leaf a luminous lime, as though mere green will not suffice. Only the coming of nightfall can temporarily calm the dazzle that penetrates the day.
The Miranda Kerr we write of now bounds forth in this nocturnal spirit, as though she is cloaked in the nighttime itself, leaving behind the colour and cheer she so often transmits through her sartorial choices and her vibrant day-glo Sydney sensibility . 
This is a look that reaffirms the inescapable cool of assembling black garments and strutting the streets. Outside, cheery blossom blooms in abundace and fashion magazines tell us that colour A must be worn with colour B in order to elegently negotiate the fullsome Spring.  But Kerr is having a Sandy-at-the-end-of-Grease moment. She is shedding her chastness to embrace the black uniform of the outlaw, the unruly and the rebel – “Tell me about it, stud…”
Out with the colour goes her Sydney roots – replaced by the breton stripes that, when teamed with her black shades, fringed black leather jacket, black belt and black stilettos, recalls the French New Wave femmes of Godard, Chabrol and Truffaut.
For reminding us that a black thundercloud in resplendent spring holds a beauty that transcends the seasons, Miranda Kerr is our latest look of the day.    


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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