Blush loves…Chanel Stylo Yeux – Inspired by Marc Jacobs SS14

There are few products that make me instantly gush but one sweep of Chanel‘s Stylo Yeux eyeliners for Spring/Summer, has transformed my summer. 
Blue eyes are set to be huge this season and there are two distinctive camps, lids vs. the waterline. 
At Marc by Marc Jacobs, lids were swept in punchy cobalt and given a sweep of powder blue at Prada and Miu Miu
Very much the champion of the hue, Marc Jacobs took over the reins from Stella McCartney, lining models’ eyes in azure and electric blue liners, for his eponymous line’s Spring/Summer show.
Although blue lids have instant impact, they are pretty tricky for every day, meaning that coloured liner is the only way to go.
For Spring/Summer Chanel have released four new shades of Stylo Yeux, their popular retractable liner. 
Not only is Stylo Yeux a dream for those on the move, thanks to its inbuilt sharpener, but it’s waterproof- in other words beach-proof; meaning that you can go for a swim, laugh, cry and still look great.
Numbers 905- Smokey Grey-a subtle green grey- and 906- Marron Glace– a soft brown- are perfect for green eyes or those in want of a look to compliment this season’s bronze eyes, but it is the blue Iris and azure Bleu Metallique that are the standouts in the collection.
Iris (No. 908), is an indigo-blue liner great for those with blue eyes, or the perfect way to amp up a smokey evening eye. 
The azure-hued Bleu Metallic (No. 909) liner is perfect for those with brown eyes and instantly makes eyes pop. 
There’s something about having a pared down face and a bolt of metallic azure, that makes you feel unshakeably alluring.
Chanel, Stylo Yeux Waterproof, £19. Available at
Jamila x

Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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