Warpaint – Festival Beauty Inspiration

Spring means one thing in the minds of most fashion editors- crisp white or bold colour. 
For Spring’s editorials, it seems make-up artists are ignoring the ‘no make-up make-up’ look lauded by the catwalk, because to be fair, where’s the fun in that?

With Coachella in our minds, it feels like the best time to be inspired by these bold make-up statements. 
Whether colour was tribally swept under eyes,  over a singular brow, or gemmed to mimic the most extravagant of ball masks, there was plenty of inspiration to help you create a dramatic that’s a bit more cray then a floral headband. 

This summer Blush thinks it’s all about going hard.
 [Shu Pei Qin-by Jem Mitchell- Vogue China. MUA-Jeanine Lobell]

[Alisa Ahmann-shot by Bojana Tatarska- Philosophy Magazine]

[Soo Joo Park – Bojana Tatarska – Alice Ghendrih – Glass Magazine]
[Natasa Vojnovic – Gregory Harris – MUA Lisa Houghton – Interview Magazine]
Jamila x

JOSEPH Womenswear Collection

Lead Picture: Glen Luchford for Self Service


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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