Sunday Selection – Get Groomed Brows with Eyeko Brow Gel

We know brows are a big deal. The modern elixir of youth, they are the easiest way to keep you looking fresh-faced. 
Whether you’re going for kohl-rimmed eyes or keeping it simple with a sweep of mascara, fellow Victoria’s Secret Angels, Rosie and Candice demonstrate that a good brow is the key to looking bad-ass.

Once you’ve achieved your perfect shape with a good wax or threading, upkeep can become a bit of a chore. 
Although there are countless powders, pens and pencils to help you fill in the gaps, add colour, or keep brows in place, there is one little beauty that makes it all so simple.

With one sweep, Eyeko‘s Brow Gel,  instantly secured a spot in my daily routine.
Designed like a mascara with a micro brush, Eyeko’s Brow Gel, is a handbag-friendly hero tinted to suit all hair colours. 

The formula, enriched with Keratin and Gingko Bilabo conditions brows and prevents the skin underneath drying out. The protein-rich formula glides on as a light liquid gel and dries quickly without leaving any residue or flakiness.

If you’re not familiar with the brand, read Blush‘s review of their core collection here.
  For now, the Brow Gel is a great place to start. 
Alexa Chung likes them so much that she’s designed a range; smart girl.

Eyeko, Brow Gel, £18. Available at or Eyeko.

Jamila x
Bumble and Bumble

Lead photo: Rosie H-W Instagram


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