Sunday Selection – Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail

Time Bomb is the latest brainchild of Federici Brands, helmed by the great Gail Federici
The Wonder Woman who, alongside John Frieda, brought us all frizz-free locks with Frizz Ease, has set about turning back the clock and hydrating skin with Time Bomb. 
Aware that at some point most of us will have to battle with dehydrated skin-yes winter we blame you- Gail and her team developed the Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail. 

The cocktails, like the alcoholic kind come with a shot, but in this case H2Omega, Vitamin B12 and Chlorophyll provide the fuel. 

Though sold separately, and all anti-ageing, the purpose of each is different.
Complexion Cocktail with Chlorophyll, wheatgrass and red clover is formulated to detox skin stressed from daily aggressors such as smoke and pollution.
The Vitamin B12 cocktail, partnered with the heroic hyaluronic acid, aims to refresh tired skin and rather refreshingly, smells like a smoothie.

Though all are good, it is the H2Omega cocktail that really does it for me. 
Perfect for rehydrating thirsty and sad-looking skin,  I’m not sure if it’s the notoriously skin plumping ingredient omega, the exotic allure of chia oil or the soothing scent of coconut oil, but it has me hooked. 

The super lightweight formula of all three, are easily absorbed and the perfect pick me up for a hedonistic get away, festival or – depending on how wild you are- every day.

Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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