Testing the Treatment – London Facialist Claudia Fallah

The power of a good facial can’t be underestimated. 
Whilst a facial works to plump, rehydrate and revitalise skin, nothing beats disappearing from daily life for an hour to zone in on you.
Frequent facials are the unifying treatment all celebrities swear by and it is a treatment that sometimes we forget we can, and should, treat ourselves to too.
You can find a good facialist tucked away on a cobbled side street, or at your favourite salon; we’re stealing one from the A-List for the afternoon.

Claudia Fallah, facialist to the stars, has relocated since my treatment to the eternally energetic East End, the perfect place to be situated for workaholics who associate Central London with work and wouldn’t dream of leaving leafy Victoria Park on the weekends.
Claudia Fallah’s facial was one of the first I had had, so perhaps I am slightly nostalgic when writing about it, but the whole experience was wonderful. 
Run by the lovely Claudia and her husband Christopher, Claudia Fallah’s facials are known for bestowing baby-rivalling elasticity on hypersensitive, acne prone and problem skin.

Irregardless of where Claudia is situated I imagine her treatment rooms to be the same, because she seems to instinctively understand how to create a luxury but inviting environment. 

When I met Claudia, after a warm welcome and an abundance of water,  she led me into one of her spacious and beautifully designed treatment rooms.
After talking me through her background, Claudia enquired about my skin’s needs and general condition, then quickly got to work. My skin was given it’s most thorough facial, I was steamed, extracted and scrubbed and all the better for it. 

After cleansing, my skin was steamed to open my pores which felt divine. By this stage I was already in a state of hyper relaxation and the feeling of the steamer on your skin is strangely therapeutic. After the steam I was cleansed more and then the extractions began. It was the first time I had ever had extractions (which says a lot about where I had been before I guess) and it was fairly uncomfortable but one of those processes that you know is for the greater good, and really draws your attention to what you’re neglecting in your skincare routine.

 Claudia noted that I needed to exfoliate more in certain parts of my face and use products that were slightly more antibacterial. Thankfully she had an Azulene Gel- which she very kindly gave me afterwards- to help. 
Post-extractions everything was plain sailing with lots of moisturising gels and serums. When I was finished and Claudia left the room telling me to take my time, I lay there for a good five minutes- in a state of comatose bliss I didn’t want to end. When I finally dragged myself up, Claudia had a glass of champagne ready for me. Now that’s what I call top class service. 

Claudia who has spent the past 18months developing her skincare range, is now only seeing clients by appointment only, but if you do have any skin issues, it is worth giving her a call, for as Christopher says, “she just can’t say no, it’s what she loves doing”.

With Michael Fassbender among her many high-profile clients, it’s unsurprising that she doesn’t want to stop. 

Facials start at around £90, but if that’s a bit much for you at the moment, get started with her luxury skincare range.

Luxury Cleansing Milk, £32.25. Azulene Foam Gel Active, £47.85. 
Intensive Repair Creme, £52.50.
For more information, visit: claudiafallah.co.uk

Claudia Fallah Cosmetics Ltd, London, E3 4RL
T: 0207 486 9611

Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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