The Lancer Method. Exclusive to…Harrods

It’s the only thing Nicole Richie will use on her face and it just so happens to be what Blush columnist Gosia stumbled upon in Harrods whilst out researching ‘Exclusive to…

Nicole Richie Insta

Dr Lancer, dermatologist and facialist, to possibly every A-lister you could think of- from Beyonce and Victoria Beckham to Kim K- was never going to pick anywhere other than London’s most famous department store to launch his latest skincare regime-The Method; It had to be Harrods.

Lancer Harrods BL

The most coveted specialist in LA finally has finally shared Hollywood’s skincare secret and developed the simple and scientifically advanced, three step beauty regime to achieve the elusive Lancer glow.

Lancer Harrods

The Lancer Method consists of three products- Polish (exfoliator), Cleanse (cleanser) and Nourish (moisturiser) for three skin types-normal, blemish and sensitive. The reason this range has created such buzz, is that The Lancer Method stimulates the upper layer of the skin; speeding up melanin and elastin production and leading to a faster cell turnover.  As a result skin starts to act younger than it is. The whole set isn’t cheap, but  can you put the price on younger looking, glowing skin worthy of the Red-Carpet? If your budget’s tight and you have to choose just one product,  I would opt for the Polish, because it works as  an at-home skin resurfacing treatment, simultaneously stimulating collagen production.

We might not have Dr Lancer on speed-dial, but it is definitely worth having The Lancer Method on hand.

The Lancer Method, Polish £60.00 , Cleanse £48.00 , Nourish £105.00. Available exclusively at Harrods


Lead photo: Nicole Richie Instagram


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