Face Gym launches at Selfridges

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When did you last give your face a workout?

Without proper stimulation the facial muscles are just as prone to sagging as any other part of the body, so maybe it’s high time that you booked yourself in with a personal trainer at the Face Gym. Hailed as a key beauty trend for 2014, Face Gym launches this week as part of Selfridges’ The Beauty Project campaign, which confronts the big questions surrounding perceptions of beauty by celebrating all definitions of what it is to be beautiful.
Recreating a typical gym routine for the visage, the 30 minute treatment, consisting of a warm up, cardio, strength and cool down, works deep into the muscles by combining traditional acupuncture and facial massage techniques for the ultimate natural face-lift.
“Facial muscles are crucial to the way we look and with regular stimulation can lift, tone and tighten the skin, boost blood circulation and collagen production giving a fresh, youthful appearance,” says Inge Theron, the brains behind the new beauty workout.
Theron, who was recently revealed as the critically acclaimed undercover Spa Junkie columnist of the Financial Times’ How to Spend it, was inspired by years of unearthing beauty secrets around the globe – from Bobby Klein‘s Empress Facial in Tulum to Joelle Ciocco’s Epidermologue method in Paris – before devising her own innovative treatment. Yet the idea of toning facial muscles is nothing new …
Facial massage was once the secret of Chinese empresses, designed to increase blood circulation and “chi” to the face, as well as used to stimulate vital chakra points in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Come the 19th century, Per Henrik Ling, the “Father of Swedish massage”, created new methods that developed on these ancient practices, popularising massage across Europe, Britain and the U.S. Today his influence lives on in effleurage, petrissage and tapotement techniques that have since been adopted to include more complex “facial gymnastics”.
Blending the old and new, Face Gym is the latest take on this ancient practice.
Touted as an affordable, non-invasive anti-ageing alternative to botox and fillers, the signature 30 minute Face Gym treatment costs £35, with 10 minute add-ons to target specific areas for a further £15. Results are claimed to be seen immediately, but Blush will be visiting soon to give you the low down.
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