Blush Asks… Arina Holod

In anticipation of her first piece for Blush, Blush Asks the perpetually stylish Arina Holod.



Arina Holod


Fashion and lifestyle journalist

Lives in..


What product are you loving at the moment?

Dior lip reviver

               GREENLAND LIP BALMcrazy rumours

I am obsessed with lip balms. I always carry at least two in my handbag. My latest favourites are Greenland passion fruit lip balm (£5.99, Greenland), Crazy Rumours Cola FMoisturising Lip Balm (£3.50, Holland and Barrett) and Dr. Organic Coconut Oil Lip Serum (£3.90, Holland and Barrett). I am also very loyal to my Christian Dior Lip Glow Colour Reviver balm.

Where do you buy your beauty bits?


There’s no place like SpaceNK. I also love Sephora.

Which spa or salon do you have on speed dial?

Tranquility in Kensington is always great for an emergency manicure.

What product can’t you live without?

Creme de la mer eye concentrate

I just can’t live without my Biotherm Blue Therapy serum (£52 at Boots). I find it perfect for the summertime when I want my skin to look fresh and radiant. Creme De La Mer Eye Concentrate (£130, John Lewis) is another skincare must-have. My favourite face mask is GlamGlow Supermud (£39.99, Feel Unique / Space NK ); It does something magical to my skin, can’t recommend it enough.

Byredo Gypsy Water Byredo Bullion

I can’t go a day without Bydero perfumes. My two favourite fragrances are Bullion (£130, Liberty) and Gypsy Water (£130, Liberty).

I don’t know what my life would be without the Christian Dior (£17.10, John Lewis) deep brown pencil eyeliner. I’ve been using it since I can remember.

What last made you blush?

My dog barking at some woman wearing a very fluffy fur vest.

Jamila x

JOSEPH Womenswear Collection


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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