Campaign Trailing – Ashish x Topshop

  Mary Charteris Ashish Topshop coll   Mary Charteris Ashish Topshop

Ok so this isn’t exactly a Campaign in the true sense of the word, but the images of socialite Mary Charteris modelling Ashish‘s newest collection for Topshop, are working Blush up into a frenzy that only a Balmain campaign can.

Mary C Ashish TopshopAshish Topshop

In anticipation of the Ashish x Topshop launch on May 29th (only 9 days to go!) Topshop have released the shoot, featuring the LED Rucksacks and Flatforms inspired by his incredible AW14 collection that Blush ran down the Tate‘s Turbine Hall for in February.

Topshop Ashish Mary C

The collection is as always a tongue-in-cheek take on fashion, this time featuring bathrobe hoodies, towel skirts with a Versace/baroque twist, a vaguely demure string-vest dress and hotel inspired ‘do not disturb’ towels’, this collection screams summer and hedonistic nights.

Marcy Charteris AshishBackpack Ashish Topshop

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