Freida Pinto Swears By…Argan Oil. #BudgetBeauty

Freida Pinto Hair cannes

Blush understands that the best beauty products don’t have to cost £100. Although the odd splurge (or five) is always nice, we’ve enlisted the lovely Sadia to recommend the best budget buys and the A-list beauties that swear by them. First up is Freida Pinto.

Avon Argan Oil

If you’re after soft and beautiful hair like Freida Pinto’s and you want a proven product that doesn’t cost a bomb, then Avon’s Argan Oil leave-in treatment is the one.

Notorious for leaving hair shiny and hydrated, Argan oil is much lauded as the key to healthy hair; Avon‘s comes infused with Vitamin E, leaving hair even more manageable.

This is definitely a must-have for those with hair in need of a vitality injection. To achieve Freida’s frizz-free locks, rub a couple of drops over wet or dry hair and style as desired, paying special attention to the ends.

Not only is this a bargain at £5.50, it leaves hair smelling divine.

Avon, Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Leave-in Treatment, £5.50 at Avon

Sadia x

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