Cindy Crawford Swears By…Klorane Dry Shampoo. #BudgetBeauty

Cindy C

Dry Shampoos remain as popular as ever; The perfect antidote to limp or greasy hair. And it seems that it’s not only us mere mortals who use it, Supermodels do too. The ultimate Supermodel and my all-time 80s hero, Cindy Crawford, swears by Klorane’s Dry Shampoo.

Klorane Dr Shampoo

Her hair is low-key perfection and the super has recently confessed that Klorane’s Dry shampoo is the “trick to having your blowout last”.

It seems that Cindy isn’t the only celeb with a soft spot for Klorane’s soothing oat milk dry shampoo. Rosie Huntington Whiteley also swears by the weightless and nourishing formula.

Blush contributor Sadia decided she had to have a go and after trying it out attests that it is the best.

“I use this product when I have no time and it gives me great results, no matter what hairstyle. It’s a top one to use on blow-dried hair, giving it a light and natural feel with added volume.

To have salon-worthy hair, spray about 30cm away to the scalp and brush through to get rid of any residue. You can do this as frequently as you want, it’s hypoallergenic, and paraben free and leaves hair smelling divine. “

Klorane, Dry shampoo, £7.50, John Lewis


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